Why should I consult a Gastroenterologist?

Most of us love eating foods that are oily, spicy, and everything unhealthy. And, fast foods have become a part of our lives, thanks to our busy schedules that render us unable to cook healthy meals. The result? Indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, stomach flu, vomiting, and other gastro problems.

Everyone suffers from such digestive disorders occasionally. But if one or more of the disorders listed above are a frequent occurrence in your life, know that something is not right. These can be symptoms of an underlying disease, even something as serious as cancer. 

To find out what is causing the symptoms you need to consult a professional who specializes in treating digestive disorders. And, that specialist is a Gastroenterologist. 

What does a Gastroenterologist do?

The human gastrointestinal system comprises much more than just the stomach and the intestines. Gastroenterology also treats the diseases of the colon, esophagus, pancreas, liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, and rectum.

A Gastroenterologist treats any disorders of this gastrointestinal system and is an expert in diagnosing the health of your gastrointestinal tract. The disorders diagnosed and treated by a Gastroenterologist includes:

Severe Heartburn

When you suffer from frequent severe heartburn, it can be an indication of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) or even esophageal cancer. If you get acid reflux often, it too can be harmful to your health. A Gastroenterologist can conduct tests to diagnose the issue and can give you medications to provide you relief from the recurring discomfort.

Bloating And Abdominal Pain

Occasional bloating or abdominal pain may not be much of a bother, but if you happen to suffer from these after each meal you take, there can be an underlying health concern. You must mention the discomfort that you feel to a Gastroenterologist, especially if the bloating occurs with nausea and painful bowel movements.

Rectal Bleeding

If you are passing blood in your stool, it is a matter of grave concern. It means there is a tear somewhere within your digestive tract. It can also be caused by hemorrhoids or anal fissure (anal fissure is a tear in the anus tissues) or it could be an even more serious issue, such as rectal cancer. It is needless to mention that any of the above reasons for rectal bleeding needs immediate medical attention.

Dysphagia Or Esophageal Pain

Tonsils often cause difficulty in swallowing food or even water. But at times, it is not the tonsils that are causing the difficulty. It is Dysphagia. Inability to swallow food along with frequent pain in the esophagus is known as Dysphagia and it can intensify with time. You should not ignore such pains and discomfort as it signals an underlying health cause. A Gastroenterologist can conduct a stomach endoscopy and determine the cause behind the esophageal pain and administer treatment accordingly. 

Irregular Bowel Movements

If your bowels do not get cleared every day, it is constipation that is bothering you. Constipation is when you have less than three bowel movements every week. It can be caused by neurological issues or a blockage in the intestine. There can also be other factors like hormonal malfunctions or muscular dysfunction or even dietary issues. 

Similarly, if you notice runny stool frequently, it could be from a parasite, viral, or bacterial infection. It can also be because of lactose intolerance or reactive medicines, or ulcers and colitis. 

A Gastroenterologist can determine the causes of your irregular bowel movements or runny stools and suggest a proper treatment.

Other Gastro Health Issues

There can be other gastro issues like gall bladder stones, pancreatitis, or even colon cancer that can cause pain in your abdomen. You can lose appetite, or have joint pains, you could also suffer from sudden weight loss or have other symptoms that can well be the signs of gastro diseases. Only an expert can detect the cause and relieve you of your discomfort.

If you happen to notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms continuously, know that you need a doctor. Not just any, but a Gastroenterologist.

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Why should I see a General Physician?

A general physician treats a variety of bodily disorders and deals with the overall health of an individual. They may be consulted for a number of issues ranging from mild to severe symptoms in some cases. A general physician may deal with hypertension, high or low blood pressure, respiratory issues like asthma or bronchitis, digestive system disorders like indigestion, food poisoning or diarrhea, issues related to the urinary or excretory system, dizziness, fatigue, sleep disorders, and even allergies or skin conditions. 

If our body is fighting an infection or disease, it starts to show basic symptoms like fever, cold and cough, headache and sometimes gastric disorders. In such cases, one may consult a general physician to look into the condition and suggest the correct treatment and medications. General physicians can deal with a number of basic disorders of the body and if needed, they may suggest further consultation with relevant specialists.

What are issues treated by General Physicians?

A general physician is experienced in treating a number of issues related to the body, although some may have expertise in a particular field of study. They may be consulted for minor or major symptoms like: 


Fever: one of the most common issues among people, that may also indicate the presence of any other serious infection in the body. A general physician can help to find the root of the issue and suggest the required treatment and medication. 

Headaches: a number of people experience headaches or migraines in their daily life, which affects their quality of life and productivity at work. A general physician may be consulted for frequent headaches. 


Cold and cough: it affects millions around the world, even children. In some cases, a cold may be a symptom of flu or any other respiratory infection. It is best to consult a general physician if the cold or cough becomes severe, or affects you frequently. 


Digestive issues: the gastric system of our bodies can be infected often, as food and water can be contaminated very easily. Any issues related to the stomach like acidity, loss of appetite, loose motions, indigestion, stomach ache, nausea, dehydration or food poisoning may be taken to a general physician for better diagnosis and treatment. 


Cardiovascular issues: in case one experiences irregular heartbeats, high or low blood pressure, chest pain or any heart related disorder, a general physician can be consulted to look into the symptoms.


Respiratory issues: problems in breathing, shortness of breath, loss of breath, fatigue, dizziness or sleepiness may indicate a respiratory problem, that can be looked into by a general physician. 


Allergies or skin disorders: sometimes, our skin may react to a certain chemical or ingredients from the products we use, or the body may develop a food allergy. In some cases after a reaction, immediate medication may be needed and a general physician can be consulted for the same. 

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Since general physicians deal with a number of bodily disorders, finding the right one for you and your family may become a hustle. It is very important to develop trust and understanding with your primary healthcare provider and often very rare to find. 


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