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It is believed by doctors and even mental health professionals, that a disease is a state of uneasiness in the body. In simple words, when a person is facing any kind of pain or even a minor dysfunctioning of any part of the body, it is rightfully termed as a disease.

Uneasiness in the body may be caused by one or even more than one factor. Sometimes, a simple headache can trouble an individual enough to bring down the quality of their life immensely.

Even though a headache is a very common sort of uneasiness that is experienced by people regardless of their age or lifestyle, it is not something to turn your eyes from.


Whenever one experiences discomfort or pain in any part above the neck, it is probably one out a number of types of headaches. A discomfort or pain in the upper neck area or even some areas of face may be medically termed as headaches.

There are various reasons for any discomfort in the head. One may experience a headache due to lack of enough sleep, alcohol consumption, stress and anxiety, poor posture or even a change in eating habits. Sometimes, a headache may also be caused due to an underlying disorder or infection in the body.

Headaches are differentiated into two categories based on the reason behind them. If one experiences a headache which originated due to certain lifestyle patterns and does not indicate another underlying reason, it is a primary headache. Secondary headache on the other hand may indicate the presence of another serious underlying disease that is causing the head to hurt.


These may either occur once in a few days or sometimes even be long lasting and turn chronic. These types of headaches usually last for a few hours and either go away by themselves or after proper rest and meals.

Different types of primary headaches are:


If you are someone that always has too much on their mind and deals with a lot of stress, a tension headache may be something you experience. It causes pain in the scalp, stress in shoulder muscles and forehead.


If a part of your head hurts and you feel like the lights may kill you, it may be a migraine. The pain is usually pulsating and generates from inside the head. Some people may also experience nausea or blurry vision along with a migraine.


If you are experiencing burning pain that is piercing, often accompanied with swollen face, redness or teary eyes. Cluster headaches usually occur in episodes and many times, a person may experience this type of headache at the same time of the day.


While primary headaches do not signify an underlying disease, a secondary headache may be a red flag when it comes to one’s health. Different types of secondary headaches are:


Say one is experiencing a headache every few days and they take an OTC medicine to cure it. Over the time, prolonged usage of such medicines or other sorts of pain killers can lead one to experience a dull headache frequently. This is when one needs to consult a doctor for proper examination to treat the cause of such headaches.


Many times, people experience chronic pain in the head, lasting for about 6 to 12 months after experiencing a head injury or a surgery. This type of headache usually feels like a tension headache but needs proper medical assistance to prevent any further damage.


If you suffer from high blood pressure and often feel a pulsating pain that may feel like throbbing inside the head, it may be a hypertension headache. It signals the time to get in touch with your doctor and address the issue of blood pressure.


If you often experience cold, cough or nasal congestion due to allergies, a headache may accompany the other symptoms. Nasal blockage may lead to pressure inside the head and cause a sinus headache which is very similar to a migraine. In these cases, one must make a visit to a doctor who can prescribe antibiotics to deal with an infection or anti allergic medicines.


For all the coffee and tea addicts out there, experiencing a headache if you do not consume your everyday dose of caffeine or consume more than the daily dose, a headache may accompany your thoughts and life that day. It is best to manage your daily caffeine assumption or get professional help if you are experiencing cold turkey while quitting caffeine.


Sometimes, one may experience a constant throbbing inside the skull after intense physical activity or even sexual intercourse. If this is the pattern you observe for your headache, call up your doctor for diagnosis of a possible underlying issue. 

A headache may be one of the most common disorders experienced by the people around the world. Mostly, it does not signify anything serious but if the pain lasts for a number of days continuously, it is best to consult a doctor for further examination.

A headache may not just simply disrupt one’s life and productivity, it may sometimes be an indication of severe changes that one needs to bring about in their lives for a healthier body, or may be a mere symptom of another body infection or disease. It is advised to stop ignoring the red flags and see a doctor for a treatment.

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